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Will a vehicle wrap damage my paint?

Absolutely not! A wrap actually temporarily protects your vehicle's paint.

When a wrap is applied to a vehicle, the vehicle's surface is thoroughly cleaned to remove any debris. Then the vinyl wrap is carefully applied to the vehicle, putting a protective vinyl barrier between your vehicle's paint and the rest of the world.

Wraps won't protect your vehicle from accidents, dings, or other damage and isn't meant to be used as vehicle protection.  A wrap also should not be applied to paint that is not the factory original paint because of the chance of the wrap lifting aftermarket paint from the vehicle's surface.  However, when you remove your wrap from factory original painted surfaces you may find that there are significantly fewer scratches and rock chips than if you didn't wrap your vehicle.

Removing a vehicle wrap 01


Road Rage's Production Director, Shane, easily removes the first wrap from our Chevy Avalanche.



Removing a vehicle wrap 02


Two years later, Shane and Jason remove the yellow wrap from our Chevy Avalance.



Before for a vehicle wrap 01

Here's our Chevy Avalanche just before we wrapped it for the fourth time with it's current BadBass look. She has over 200,000 miles on her, but her paint looks like she just came off the showroom floor.

Removing a vehicle wrap 03

Here's the guys removing the old wrap from our Chevy Corvette to make way for the new wrap. Like the Avalanche, we have no new rock chips or scratches on it since we wrapped it.

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