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Are vehicle wraps hard to care for?

Absolutely not! Just imagine never having to wax your vehicle again!

Vehicle wraps are made of vinyl and require little care. Once your vehicle is wrapped, you can run it through touchless car washes or hand wash it. Window cleaner works well to touch up spots on your vehicle wrap, and we can recommend other spray cleaners to make your wrap shine. We do not recommend that you power wash your wrap, and you should not use wax on your wrap.

NEVER use gasoline, diesel, citrus cleaners, bug remover, tar remover, glue remover, brushes or abrasives on your wrapped vehicle. They may damage your wrap.

One of our employees is fond of off-roading, and frequently takes his wrapped truck "mudding". When he gets back, he just washes it and hand drys it, and his wrap looks brand new again.

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