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What can be wrapped?

Virtually any non-porous surface can be wrapped. Usually, wraps are found on vehicles including cars, trucks, vans, buses, semis, trailers, trains, boats, snowmobiles, and many others. For example:

Custom Boat Wrap Custom Trailor Wrap

Adhesive backed vinyl used to be only good for shiny, non-porous surfaces. Not anymore! Vinyl technology now includes great solutions for anything from flooring, to carpet, to brick and concrete!  Here's just a small example of graphics Road Rage has applied to unusual surfaces:

Custom Vinyl Graphics 01


Road Rage designed, printed and installed this Bud Select graphic on a garage door at an outdoor bar on an island.



Custom Vinyl Graphics 02


We designed, printed an installed this floor graphic at a sports center on a concrete floor.



Custom Vinyl Graphics 03


Road Rage designed, printed and installed this brick looking Bud Light advertisement over wood paneling at a bar.



Custom Vinyl Graphics 04


We designed, printed and installed this advertisement for Metalmaster Roofmaster on a painted cinderblock wall at a sports arena.



We designed, printed and installed this perforated vinyl for ATS Truck Driving School.  The vinyl has small holes in it and is applied to windows.  The image can be clearly seen from the outside,but the windows can be seen through from the inside just like regular tinted glass.

Custom Vinyl Graphics 05

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