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What is a vehicle wrap?

A wrap consists of partially or completely covering a vehicle or other object in adhesive backed vinyl. The vinyl us usually printed with an image and laminated, but it could also be one solid color.

Full Vehicle Wrap

Completely covering a vehicle in adhesive backed vinyl so that none of the vehicle's paint is seen from the exterior of the vehicle. This includes both sides, the back, the front, and usually the roof of the vehicle.  For example: All of these Road Rage vehicles and trailer are completely wrapped.

Full Vehicle Wraps

These Jeep Patriots are also completely wrapped, even though they are solid colors.

Custom Vehicle Wrap

Partial Vehicle Wrap

Partially covering a vehicle in adhesive backed vinyl.  Only one piece of the vehicle may be wrapped (like the hood or tailgate) or you may wrap a large portion of the vehicle.  Here are examples of partial wraps.

Partial Vehicle Wrap 01 Partial Vehicle Wrap 02 Partial Vehicle Wrap 04 Partial Vehicle Wrap 03

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