Commercial Fleets

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If your business regularly hits the streets in multiple vehicles, why not make the most of your mobility with a fleet of vehicle wraps? These billboards on wheels are high impact mobile marketing techniques, proven to increase brand awareness.

Turning your vehicle into a mobile advertisement for your company means a huge increase in visibility and exposure for your brand. However, getting a wrap just right, including the proper messaging, layout, and installation, takes the work of professionals. You want your wrap to reflect the professionalism of your organization. At Road Rage Designs, we handle the entire process, delivering a compelling and professional wrap that works hard for your business and looks great while doing it.

Who benefits from a Commercial Fleet wrap?

These are just a few examples of the kinds of companies we have developed fleet wraps for:

  • Landscaping Companies
  • National Franchises
  • Utility Companies
  • Health Care Providers
  • General Contractors
  • Solar Companies

How many vehicles are in a fleet?

At Road Rage, any two or more vehicles wrapped with similar branding qualifies as a fleet wrap. Many companies assemble their fleets over time, so while your delivery business may have four Chevy vans, they could be entirely different years, makes or models. No problem! Our designers will create the correct templates to assure that all of your graphics fall into place perfectly, no matter the vehicle. If your company is interested in uniting a variety of types of vehicles through cohesive branding, we can work to create design elements that will look just right on either your box truck or your Smart Car.

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